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Project-100 Spectacles

Here at Netherton Eye Centre we understand that accidents can sometimes happen when it comes to your glasses, or that you simply may get the urge to find a new eyewear look!


How fast can we make your new glasses?


It can take as little as one hour for us to make you a prescription pair of glasses. For sunglasses, it takes us a little longer but we can usually get prescription sunglasses ready in 24-72 hours.


How can you make glasses quickly?


We have an in-store lab at Netherton Eye Centre, as well as a variety of prescription lenses on hand.


Can I use my own frame?


We can arrange for new lenses to be fitted into your favourite glasses frames.


What if our 1-hour service is unavailable?


It is important to us that we provide you with a professionally-made product at the highest standard, however, sometimes we may not have your requirements in practice. If this is the case, please call in or speak with one of the team members at Netherton Eye Centre and we will ensure your issue gets resolved as swiftly as possible!

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