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Colorimetry and Visual Stress

What is Visual Stress?

Visual Stress is sensitivity to visual patterns, particularly stripes. In some individuals, this condition can cause visual perception problems which interfere with reading.

Symptoms of Visual Stress

Although individuals may feel they have normal vision, signs and symptoms can include:

• Moving closer or further away from a book

• Skipping words or lines
• Poor comprehension of reading content
• Movement of printed text

• Blurring patterns in the print
• Headaches or visual discomfort

Frustration and low self-esteem can occur in children who are underachieving due to visual stress, so early diagnosis of the problem is essential.

Every child who displays problems with reading should be referred to an Optometrist for a full eye examination.

How we can help

Visual Stress can be reduced using coloured filters. An assessment with overlays may have already been carried out in school, however if the school does not use overlays our Optometrists can carry out the assessment.

Alternatively, in cases where the benefit is clear with an overlay, we may suggest moving directly to testing with the Intuitive Colorimeter. This may result in the prescribing of spectacles with precision tinted lenses. The colour will be more specific to each individual’s needs, which is much more precise and very often a different colour to the overlay.

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